Welcome to the Walter H. Capps Center

There is no shortage of issues for the Walter H. Capps Center to address at this precarious moment. Like most of you, we feel disoriented. Just as one pressing need comes into view, another demand on our moral discernment changes our focus, blurring the horizon. While none of us can hope to keep up with each new crisis, times of foment challenge us to cultivate our ethical capacities of wayfinding. The ability to navigate, far more than doubling down on any one perspective or position, offers a way forward. This is where our work at the Capps Center takes hold. We aim to build on the legacies of Walter Capps, whose scholarly and political career inspired founding of the center, and Wade Clark Roof, who shaped it into a benchmarking-setting institution. In their spirit, the Capps Center will continue to be a place where students, scholars, and community members hone our navigational skills as we seek the good in public life. 


Greg Johnson