2002 – 2003

October 6

Gary Wills, Lecture: “Citizen Believers,”
Victoria Hall, Santa Barbara

Is the death penalty moral? How does Christianity affect views on the death penalty? If religious belief comes into conflict with democratically-arrived at decision of the community, how is that conflict to be resolved? Author and adjunct Professor of History at Northwestern University, Garry Wills, explores these questions in this lecture presented as part of the Voices series at UC Santa Barbara. (#7008).
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May 8

Gustav Niebuhr, Lecture: “Religious Pluralism: America’s Continuing Challenge,”
UCSB Multi-cultural Center

Columnist and broadcaster Gustav Niebuhr believes that the most important development in current American religious life is the increasing visibility of smaller religious groups. He discusses the theological challenges that the presence of religious diversity pose. (#7854).
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May 16
Sister Helen Prejean, Lecture: “Dead Man Walking: The Journey Continues,”
UCSB Campbell Hall
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