Fourth Year of Capps Community Interns

This fall marks the beginning of the fourth year in our Capps Community Internship Program.

Each year 10 upper-division undergraduates from UCSB are selected to participate in this prestigious program. In the fall, they complete a seminar covering the leadership, activities, significance, and ethics of nonprofit organizations.  After completing the seminar, each student is matched with a local non-profit to complete an internship during the winter and spring quarters.  Finally, the interns carry out an independent study under the direction of Wade Clark Roof that culminates in an assessment  of their experience in the non-profit sector.

This service-learning program is one of several internships administered through the Sara Miller McCune Endowed Internship and Public Service Program.

The interns selected for the 2011-12 year are:

Hanna Beckman
Marlenee Blas
Robert Bustamante
Matias Eusterbrock
Sarah Heindel
Kasey Kokenda
Sarah Sloat
Rebecca Whitley
Madeline Wirthman
Kimberly Ziles

Be sure to check back later in the year to see what these talented students accomplish.

For more information about the internship program, click here.